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Ben's Gunstocks

Click here to view my Photo Album containing many color photos of gunstocks that I have recently finished for my customers.

Ben Hays, Stock Finisher

Welcome to my Web Site!

On this home page I will provide you with quick and accurate information that will help you obtain a finely finished gunstock, with rapid " turn-a -round time",  at an affordable price .
Thank you for taking the time to examine my Web Site,
Ben A. Hays
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Upon request, I can provide the names & E-mail addresses of many of my recent customers who will gladly discuss their " finished product" results with you via E-mail.
The photo to the right is my personal rifle, a Ruger # 1 with a AAA Fancy American Walnut stock with a shadow line cheek piece. I preformed all the shaping and finishing work on this stock.
By the way.......It shoots as nice as it looks........ 1/2 " groups @ 100 yds.

Ben's Gunstock Finishing
18120 State Highway 160
Cleveland, AL  35049

Phone: (205) 274 - 7082