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Ben's Gunstocks
Free Work Proposal

E-mail me your stock finishing needs
for a quick E-mail reply.

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After receiving the following information from you, via E-mail , I will provide you with a FREE WORK PROPOSAL for the stock work needed.
I will need from you:

A description of the general stock work that is needed.

  • Is this a new stock that has never been finished ? or
  • Is this a stock that is to be refinished ?

        What type of finish is on the stock now ?Polyurathane, Varnish, Factory Epoxy ? ?

  • What type of finish do you want applied to the stock ?    Low Gloss, Semi - Gloss, High Gloss ?
  • Do you want a " hunter finish" ( similar to a factory rifle finish )  ... not all of the pores will be filled in a hunter finish.
  • Do you want a custom oil finish will all the pores filled. 
  • Does the stock have any damage to it ( other than normal finish wear) such as major dents, gouges, chips, etc.
  • Will there be a need for a recoil pad to be installed on the stock ?
  • Will there be sling swivels installed ?

If you will cover these points in your E-mail to me, I will quickly provide you with a FREE detailed work proposal in an E-mail reply with an approximate $ cost $ * for the stock finishing work to be done.

* Failure to provide thorough and accurate information in your description of stock finishing services needed can and will result in a price quotation for your job that will be inaccurate and will need to be re-adjusted after I have had an opportunity to  examine your stock , onsite, here in my shop.

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