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7 m/m - 08 | Custom Springfield Model 1922 - M2 | 7 m/m Remington Magnum | .308 Norma Magnum | SAKO .22 PPC | 250 / 3000 | Ruger # 1 .220 Swift | Contact Me
Custom Guns For Sale

To see photos & specifications of the custom rifles that are for sale, click on the red links at the top of this Web page.

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I have many custom rifles that I'm selling from my personal gun collection.  Please click on the photo page to see color photos of  some of my custom guns and their specifications.


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at the photos of my custom rifles that I currently have for sale. Please get in touch with me to allow me to answer any questions that you might have about a particular rifle. To reach me, click on
" CONTACT ME " at the top of this Web Page, for directions and contact information that will allow you to communicate with me concerning the rifle of your choice.